Interim catch-up

January 28, 2010

I’m posting at work, which I normally do not do, but I have a relatively light day today and I’ve been out of pocket the last two nights. So, quickly (because I have become freakin’ obsessive over this blog and I MISS y’all, which is sort of warped, I guess)…..

ITEM: I have taken the plunge and ordered a 50-50 Family Pack of meat from Petit Jean Farms. That’s three pounds of sausage, three pounds of ground beef, two whole chickens, a beef roast and four pork chops for 50 bucks; allegedly enough meat for 50 servings, which sounds about right to me.  Damn fine price when you look at the individual prices of those items. All organic. All free-range. And everything I’ve had from there is good. I asked them to sub one of my pounds of ground beef for a pound of ground pork (same price, and their farm inventory says they have plenty); I fully intend to make meat loaf in the near future. The chickens can be roast chicken or something else, and can give me some practice in cutting up chickens so they don’t look like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy got hold of ’em.  I also ordered a pint of honey, since I’m running low, and some of that wonderful sheeps-milk cheese, if they have any. We’ll eat well at my house for a while. Anxious to see what cut the roast is, too; oddly, their chucks are priced individually the same as their rounds and loins. Go figger.

ITEM: Had to go to LR for a meeting Tuesday night, so I swung by Whole Foods. Stocked up on cheese, coffee; bought more wheatberries, and French green lentils. NYT (I think it was Bittman, but won’t swear to it) had a raft of lentil recipes recently; one called for French green lentils and coconut milk. I’m game to try anything one time. Also going to try some lamb meatballs with the regular ol’ brown ones, maybe this weekend.

ITEM: Wheatberries are cool. I tried wheatberries with my leftover roasted veggies in a salad, and they were OK. I did wheatberries with pineapple and dried cranberries with a sesame/ginger dressing, and they were just damn fine. I believe one could do just about anything with a wheatberry one could do with nuts. I think my next experiment is to cook some and then spread them out and let them dry out — maybe even toast them. I’m also thinking they’d be good with apples in a Waldorf salad. Perhaps I may bake something this weekend and put wheatberries in it.

ITEM: It’s supposed to start snowing this evening. That’s Just Fine, because, y’know what? I have a big pot of white bean soup on in the crock pot. My Italian sausage was frozen, but I had regular smoked sausage in the fridge that needed to be used, so I used that and add a little extra basil and oregano, as well as some fennel. Onions, garlic, carrots, tomatos. A pound of navy beans (didn’t have cannelini). Simmering away, and I’ve got baguettes in the freezer. Let it snow.

And with that, I’ve goofed off as long as I can. Back to work. Y’all have a good day, and tell y’mama ‘n ’em to be careful if it snows.


One Response to “Interim catch-up”

  1. Rose M Jackson Says:

    Love your blog. Trying to make it here to read much more often. The only problem I have is everytime I read your blog I get so hungry. Your description of your cooking is marvelous even without the photos.

    You are right about Petit Jean Farms meats. They are the best.

    Until next time,
    Rose Mary

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