Blogged funds headed to Haiti

January 22, 2010

It is 4 minutes past 12 noon on Friday and there are 125 comments on my blog post reporting donations and encouraging donations and just generally sending good wishes, thoughts and prayers to Haiti. A little more than half of you indicated that you had donated, supported, or planned to donate. But since $125 is a much neater, rounder number than, oh, $87.50 or something, I’m just going to call it an even buck-a-comment, and send that.

My extremely scientific reading over of the comments also seems to indicate that Doctors Without Borders is the most favored charity. And as their audited financial statement indicates they spend 87 cents of every buck on actual relief efforts, and only one percent on administration (the rest goes into fundraising), that looks like a pretty decent ratio to me. So, Doctors without Borders it is.

Thanks, all of you, who took time to click through and comment. I hope you enjoyed yourselves while you did, and maybe found something fun, or useful. You and y’mama ‘n ’em come back and see me sometime.


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