Movies trump kitchen

January 4, 2010

You know, if I were six feet tall, maybe I could Be Somebody.Or, cooking suspended in favor of watching Julie and Julia, on my laptop, yet, because I Do Not Possess a DVD player other than that one, something I probably should remedy because those suckers are, what, $29.95 or something?

Anyway. Good flick. I particularly empathized with the early blog days when Julie agonized as to whether anyone was reading. I confess to checking my blog viewership stats religiously; when they’re up, I’m up. Although I DO wish y’all would comment more…

So I had cheese and olives and pickles and the better part of a bottle of Tempranillo (Spanish Sons, on special at the liquor store, and not bad stuff at 10 bucks or so a bottle). I had actually planned to wing a tomatos and chickpeas and couscous dish (with the guts of a recipe I already had on hand) to both stave off hunger and to fulfill the Food52 “Your best couscous recipe” competition. I’m clueless on the other category for the week, “Your best way to cook a whole fish,” having never done so. (I mean, I’ve cooked all of one exceptin’ for his head and his innards, but I don’t think that counts.) But I could not for the life of me find the can of chickpeas I KNOW I bought at the grocery right before New Year’s, so I didn’t.

Oh, and speaking of Food52 — Amanda? If you’re reading this? The pic of you on the blog looks a Whole Lot better than the chick who played you in the movie. Or, if that happened to be you playing you? Stick with the guy who shoots the pics for the blog.

Cheeses for the evening were Havarti, Gran Queso and Vermont smoky sharp cheddar. The latter of which I saved to go with my secret indulgence that dates back to my childhood.

You know those chocolate drops with the white creamy fondant inside? The ones us Southern children used to call by a not-now-usable-in-polite-company term? That you get for a dollar a bag at the dollar store? Yeah, those. Take one and squash it flat in your fingers. Layer it on top of a slice of sharp, sharp cheddar. And tell me that’s not the most delectable snack you ever had. God, I love ’em.

I will get chickpeas tomorrow; I have until Saturday, I think, to marry them off to the couscous and file my entry.

A friend who called today asked, “What do you get if you win?” Well, I said, you get published. “Oh,” she said. “OK.”

Julia would have understood that. And so would Julie.

You and y’mama and them go read a good cookbook.


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