The traveler returneth

December 9, 2009

But I think the traveler forgot how to cook because tonight was certainly forgettable, and I am just not inspired of late.

Been on the road since early Saturday, got back relatively late last night. I did have a decent meal or two while I was gone, including buffalo meat loaf at Ted’s Montana Grill, which was acceptable comfort food for a chain.

Let’s see. There was sweet potato ravioli in a cream sauce at the hotel in Atlanta. I’d give it 2.5 stars. Good, and I’d order it again, but it missed being wonderful. Breakfast the next morning at the hotel was OK. I’ve had better. In between, there was food at the Georgia Dome during the game — I will admit to being quite impressed with the sweet chili-garlic wings. That was some good stuff. And I had a hefty little pile of bones next to my seat to prove it.

Oh. Alabama won. Not that I particularly cared.

Next day….h’mmm….well, there was a catfish sandwich with sweet potato fries at the beer joint where we ate lunch in Cartersville, GA.Damn good sweet potato fries, I might add. The catfish sandwich was OK. That night…what did we have? Oh. I had a bowl of she-crab soup at Larkin’s in Greenville, SC, and it was excellent.

Next day in Greenville, it was a black and blue salad — blackened tuna, blue cheese, greens. Too much blue cheese. Tuna was good, though. And that night was the best meal of the trip, an absolutely delectable pork chop, with a dry rub, cooked just medium, juicy, tender, wonderful. With a black-eyed pea and smoked sausage cassoulet. Wonderful smoky, tomato-ey flavor wrapped around the earthiness of those blackeyed peas — have I told you I love a black-eyed pea? I love a black-eyed pea. And they were in a cute little iron skillet, with a dusting of toasted parmesan breadcrumbs broiled on top.

I was a happy woman, if miserably full.

Tonight was adequate to stand between us and starvation, if not much more. I did chicken in tomatos with Indian spices, finished with yogurt. I guess I had a light enough hand with the spices that I went too light. Or something. Anyway, it was OK, but that was about it.

Tomorrow night I have to cook for the pot-luck staff Christmas party on Friday evening. My contributions are cranberry salad, potato salad, and dates stuffed with almonds and wrapped in bacon. I should start tonight, but I’m too damn tired.

You and y’mama ‘n ’em can come help me stuff dates (shut UP!) tomorrow night if you want.


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