What I would have cooked — if I had cooked

December 3, 2009

I am in the throes of first-cold-dreary-winter-weather-of-the-season, combined with the post-travel jet lag and the onset of Christmas, which has never been one of the happier holidays in my world. Consequently, I’ve felt little like cooking, and less like blogging.

I tried recipe searching yesterday, when it was 39 degrees and the rain had some solid matter in it, but it didn’t seem to help. So I had two Scotches and gave cooking a pass.

What I had planned, though, was a soup with summer sausage, cannelini beans and tomatos, with some Italian seasonings. Most such soups would have escarole, or kale, or spinach. Mine would not, because I don’t like cooked greens. But I do like the idea of white beans with an Italian flair.

Won’t make ’em tonight, as I have an event to attend. Might do it Friday. I head out Saturday for Atlanta and points east, back Tuesday night.

You and y’mama ‘n ’em try to stay warm.


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