Home from the war

November 7, 2009

Really. See?


Civil War Days 072

Union cavalry surrenders to Confederates in the skirmish at Prairie d'Ane.

Because, you see, I am a Civil War nut, and when there’s a reenactment an hour and a half from me and it’s a gorgeous fall day and I have dinner cooking the crockpot, I’m gonna go watch black powder smoke curl skyward.



Civil War Days 063

The Confederate infantry, about half a company of it, steps out in advance toward the enemy...

Anyway, the Confederates won, which means the Union troops will win tomorrow, because they play nicely and take turns, a concept that modern politicians might do well to learn, but I digress.

It was a gorgeous day. It wasn’t too crowded, a nice little reenactment and living history, and Historic Washington State Park with its collection of mid-19th century buildings (actually, the majority of a preserved mid-19th century town) is a delightful place to while away an afternoon and soak up a llittle history. I’ll go back when I have longer to stay and leisure to amble through all the open buildings; many are open for tours, but some are still private residences and businesses.

Came home to a nice warm dinner of choucroute garnie (search for it; the recipe ran back in February), and put together some German potato salad from The New Best Recipe to go with it. I was a little disappointed in the potato salad, which was somewhat bland, but I think that was my fault as I (a) did not have whole-grain German mustard and used dijon, and supermarket dijon at that, and (b) I think I used too much potato water to thin the dressing with. The choucroute was good. A crock-pot works right well.

Tomorrow, I think it’s going to be tagine of chicken with preserved lemons and Moroccan olives. And couscous.  The Monday I head out grocery shopping for the Great Thursday Dinner  and Friday Breakfast For 12, and Tuesday and Wednesday I prepare for the above.

Will report on the tagine tomorrow. Meanwhile, you and y’mama ‘n ’em stand up and salute the flag of your choice.





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