Sunday redux

November 1, 2009

Well, the most egregious of summer clothes are emptied out of the closet, the dishes are washed (which had to wait until we had hot water again), the fridge cleaned out, the laundry done, if not put up, and dinner has been served.

11-1-09 002

Call it "what's in the fridge" stir-fry.

And for a “I really ought to use this up” dinner, it was pretty damn good, except the pork was freezer-burned, which simply meant it had to be picked out and pushed aside into a little porky mound, and I just ate veggies.

I was trying to see just what I had in the fridge when I ran across a big damn butterflied pork loin chop, about the size and thickness of a piece of Texas toast. It had some ice crystals on it, but I thought, “Oh, it’ll be OK.”

It wasn’t.

Won’t make that mistake again.

However, the treatment shows promise, and I may have to make a run to Kroger to see if they’ve got some more of those chops. Should work equally well with chicken.

I made up a paste of miso, honey, mirin, rice wine, ginger and garlic, diced the chop, and tossed the pork cubes in the marinade; let them sit in the fridge most of the day while I waited on the plumber because I did not know how to light the pilot on the hot water heater (now I do) and did cold-water laundry and straightened up stuff. Then I diced up an onion, three carrots, a big damn zucchini, three little yellow squash, and three carrots, and defrosted about a half-cup  of green peas under running water in a colander.

Sauteed the onion until it was limp; added the carrots and the pork cubes. Sauteed them maybe five minutes. Added the squash (both colors); stirred that up, put a lid on the saute pan to let it steam a bit, then took the lid off and added the peas. Added some more mirin, a tablespoon of sririacha, some tamari, some sesame oil, and a teaspoon or so of fish sauce. Served it with brown rice. It wanted something, so I doused it with a tablespoon of Pad Thai sauce; that hit the spot.

So, minus the freezer-burned pork, that one will come back around. Would be good just with veggies, too, and throw the miso-honey paste in about the same time as the squash.

That done, I’m gonna watch the Series and maybe actually stay up to see all of it tonight.  You and y’mama ‘n ’em enjoy the game and get ready for a work week tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Sunday redux”

  1. Kate Dickson Says:

    Dang. It’s bad when we think alike. I bought a bunch of on sale huge pork chops suitable for stuffing … but, I don’t want to stuff with “dressing.” What do you think? They are frozed awaiting an interesting idea.

  2. Kate Dickson Says:

    Frozed. Do I sound redneck or what. I meant .. frozen.

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