Back in the kitchen…

June 22, 2009

…After a weekend on the road. Somewhere around 800 miles in three days, and we came rolling in, hot and tired, ‘long about 10 last night. I wasn’t worth killing today, and may go to bed before dark tonight.

But I’ve acquired a 14-year-old male child, which is interesting because I don’t know anything about raising boys, albeit I’ll only have him for three or four weeks presuming his father gets better, which he seems to be doing. So I needed to feed the boy, something that has been causing me some anxiety, because what can I do to get this kid out of the rut of chicken strips and mac and cheese?

He said he’d eat lima beans. So I fixed lima beans. I’ve not seen the kid yet who wouldn’t eat whole-kernel corn. I was in a notion for salmon croquettes, so I put that on the menu. And to make sure I didn’t starve him, I DID fix homemade mac and cheese.


Yum. Mostly.

Yum. Mostly.

And it was all pretty good, except the sliced tomato was left over and not as fresh as it might have been and for once, Epicurious let me down because their recipe for salmon croquettes, to put it bluntly, sucked. I don’t like onion in my salmon croquettes. I don’t know why I put it in there. I didn’t like it, and he most assuredly didn’t. Child C didn’t like it, either.

But I hooked him on fresh whole-kernel corn, cut off the cob, sauteed in butter and olive oil, and simmered in a little water until the water evaporates. No seasoning. Doesn’t want any seasoning.

The mac and cheese, my standard, is a pound of elbow macaroni; about 2/3 of a pound of Velveeta, chunked up; about a cup of grated three-cheese mix from the dairy case; about 4 tbsp of butter and about a cup of half-and-half. What arteries? You could use low-fat milk, but it wouldn’t be as good.

The croquettes called for a cup of chopped onion; I was cutting the recipe in half as there were only three of us, and the recipe contends it serves 6. So I diced up a quarter of a Vidalia, drained my salmon, added an egg (no, I’m NOT going to separate out two eggs and just use the whites; live with it), a pinch of tarragon, and a dozen crushed saltines.

The salmon croquettes of my youth had flour and milk as well as the egg. I thought, though, that these might be good, particularly given as I like tarragon. They weren’t. The fishy flavor of the salmon stood out too much; it wasn’t tamed by the flour like I was used to.

New son-for-a-while said it was all good except the salmon. I guess that means I passed. Tomorrow I try him on fried rice and egg rolls.


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